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Bucket List Checked!

SAPO has been the flagship vessel for Chiripa Sportfishing for the past six years. Our professional Capitan and crew have the skills, experience and local insight to help you check off those bucket list dreams.  And there's no better boat than SAPO to do it in! She's a classic,fully restored Rybovich, born and bred in Florida to fish for Marlin.  SAPO has caught hundred of blue marlins in the waters off Kona, Hawaii.

“The best fisherman I know try not to make the same mistakes over and over again; instead they strive to make new and interesting mistakes and to remember what they learned from them,”  - John Gierach.

The Boat - SAPO

SAPO is a special rare gem, a factory-restored Rybovich.  Originally built in1964, the 37'  Sport Fisher is designed for one thing only; serious game fishing. She is a known fish raiser, having caught hundreds of blue marlin in the waters off Kona. She is equipped with comforts such as air-conditioned salon, seating, dinette, galley and a full head for a comfortable day on the water. 


A proven fish raiser, SAPO is tournament ready, equipped with both light and heavy tackle. We carry a range of 80-130lb Duel and Shimano Reels, Ian Miller Rods, Kona style lures, teasers, fighting chair, stand-up gear, trolling gear, and live-baiting gear. All our gear is set to IGFA standards.


Born and bred in Palm Beach Florida, the Rybovich family has been building custom boats since 1910. Sapo is hull number 60 and was fully restored in the Rybovich boatyard in 2002 to her original glory.  In 2020,  A Florida craftsmen flew to Hawaii to restore/replace the teak cockpit sole of SAPO. She is a true classic sport fisher, and reminiscent of a time when modern marlin fishing was in its' infancy.  She continues to out-fish more modern boats in her class and is a regular tournament contender.

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Our Fishing Grounds

Kona, Hawaii is the home of some of the largest blue marlin in the world. More granders (1000 lbs or larger) are caught here in our local water than anywhere else in the world, earning the nickname "Grander Alley".  Not only do we have the largest fish, we catch them in numbers.  The Kona fleet averages 50% of the boats catching a marlin in any given day.  Keep in mind, there are some seasons that more productive than others, and as always, the sport is called "fishing", not "catching". Be sure to check our fishing calendar to book a season with the best odds to hook up your desired species.

The Big Island offers the best fishing of  all the Hawaiian Islands. Several varieties of  billfish are found in the deep waters right outside the Honokohou Harbor, and include the Pacific Blue Marlin, Pacific Sailfish, Black Marlin and the Striped Marlin while pelagic species such as Yellowfin tuna (Ahi), Wahoo (Ono( and Mahi-Mahi are also caught in area.  These are the same fish you'll find on the dinner menu at your favorite  seafood restaurant.

Lure fishing originated in Kona and the legacy of the originally lure makers such as Joe Yee and Henry Chee lives on in Kona's tradition. Live baiting and pitch baiting are also done, when bait is available and conditions are favorable.

“Most of the world is covered by water. A fisherman’s job is simple: Pick out the best parts,”  - Charles Waterman.

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